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Solution for WLANs & WiFi Mesh


Subscribers are increasingly expecting anytime, anywhere communication and multimedia services. Subscribers are also demanding intelligent services that can be personalized across multiple devices and that have the same 'look and feel' regardless of how they are connected to the network. Today, this is possible as broadband IP is now available across fixed, WLAN and 3G networks. Converged services are now becoming mainstream, enabling an environment where data, voice and video are combined and efficiently delivered across a broadband IP-based network.

Key Operator Benefits

  • Vendor agnostic solutions
  • Support for centralized and decentralized architectures
  • Highly scalable architectures
  • Integrated support with external third party applications
  • Pre-Integrated solution with PMS systems
  • Single solution for multiple operator markets
  • Service Creation
  • Service Management
  • Multiple secure authentication options
  • Captive portal customization
  • Subscriber management
  • User-level bandwidth controls
  • Flexible billing
  • Remote network management

Our solution supports Traditional WiFi as well as Mesh WiFi.

Product mapping for different service industry.

For Who 
 Enables operators to deliver contract based services to their customers/subscribers. Subscribers typically sign and are billed on a regular basis for same e.g. monthly or quarterly.
 Hotels, Guest Houses, Student Residences, Hospitals

 Enables operators to deliver content based service to their customers/subscribers. Subscribers are registered and billed opn monthly basis.  It is therefore ideal for serving the Corporate, Enterprise and SME markets as well as residential
WISP, ISP, service providers
 Enables operators to deliver token or pre-paid services to their customers. Subscribers typically purchase a token from a default portal page or retail outlets. CaptiveRadius Manager is ideal for serving multiple hotspots where each location has independent gateway to internet or for large scale metro Wi-Fi deployments.
 Service providers who want to do revenue sharing business with location owners, Chain of hotels etc.,
Provisioning and management of ISP subscribers. It is used for complete management and control of all the attributes of different kinds of subscribers / customers.
ADSL Internet Service Providers

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