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Net4Guest - WiFi Hotspot Billing Software

Hotel WiFi Solution

Net4Guest hotspot solutions are all run by our proprietary WiFi hotspot billing software, which can help owners turn their hotspot into a long term revenue stream.

Wireless/wifi HotSpot Billing software and all-in-one wi-fi hotspot solutions using a web based interface. It supports wireless/wifi or wired networking. It is designed to run on a dedicated PC and it is available as an installable CD Image (ISO).

Very simple to deploy Wi-Fi networks, no server knowledge required, we have taken care of the complex parts and provide you with a simple web interface to create and manage your hotspots, set up your payment plans and/or print prepaid tickets. You concentrate on your business, we provide an instant up and running server with a web based interface.

We are hotspot Wi-Fi software specialists and our solutions are easy for clients to use and maintain. After we complete the hardware installation necessary to run a wireless hotspot at your location, our hotspot software allows us to both maintain and troubleshoot your hotspot remotely, and keeps control over your guests usage and the billing thereof, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best service in our industry and can bring the wonderful world of wireless internet to your customers instantly and cost effectively. Most importantly this can be a profit center for your business.


How users connect to the WI-FI hotspot

1) User tries to access internet by browser
2) He gets the Splash page with welcome message and login prompt.
3) User enters username, password which is sent to authentication server.
4) Supplied User credentials are verified with the database.
5) After successful verification, user is allowed to access internet.
Optional Module : PMS integration which enabled User to enter his room number and last name as identity to access internet. The interface helps your guests sign up for the Internet access and post charges to the room
Hotspot Wifi billing management


Users who connect to Wi-Fi hotspot can browse according to six different ways that differ from each other for what is charged to the customer during his access (credit, traffic or weather).
Let's see in detail the various ways :

  • Pre-paid: In pre-paid mode users have a starting pre-paid credit. After each session the credit used is deducted from the user's balance. Once the customer's credit is used up, he/she can access the system again only after recharging the account.
  • Post-paid: This mode allows the customer to access the system with a balance equal to zero. Once the session ends, he/she has a negative balance (account in red) for the total used during the session.
  • Time-based subscription: With this method the customer can access the system for a certain period of time. This period is generally subject to limits. For example, it is possible to create subscriptions which make it possible to surf for 1 hour per day or for 3 hours per week (Monday – Sunday) for the entire duration of the subscription.
  • Traffic-based subscription:In the traffic-based method, which may only be used by customers who connect via the hotspot or the workstations connected on Lan 2, the user has a certain amount of traffic available in terms of MB. Like in the previous case, this traffic may have a time limit (100 MB/day, 1GB/month, etc.).
  • Abbonamento Flat: This is a subscription mode : the user can access the system for as long as he/she wants until the subscription expires.
  • Free: The user can access the system limit free and without charge.

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Network Diagram

Hardware Requirement

Harddisk : Minimum 16 GB

Network cards : 2 LAN Cards

Memory : 1 GB RAM (Minimum)

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No reinstallation. Keep all your configurations.

Ability to transfer the license to new computers.

Free technical support: Email, Phone, Online chat.

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A professional WiFi hotspot billing solution.

  • Web based administration
  • Customisable login page
  • Limit download & upload speed per user (Bandwidth Management)
  • Data Transfer Limit
  • Bandwidth throttling -  FUP
  • Track visited websites & internet connections
  • Create unlimited tickets 
  • Compatible with any hardwares / routers
  • Support Mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android etc.)
  • Customer web self-care
  • Walled Garden Support
  • Client Isolation
  • Hotel PMS Integration
  • MAC blacklist
  • Online Credit card payment 
  • Prepaid and Postpaid billing
  • Website filtering
  • Live reports
  • MAC address based login for non browser devices
  • Automatic Email alerts 
  • Operator management
  • Acceptance of the conditions of use
  • Registration via SMS and Web

New Feature : Facebook WiFi Login

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Admin Panel
Net4Guest WiFi billing software

Client Landing/Splash page
WiFi captive portal
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